Minimal F-crystals and Isomorphism Numbers of Isosimple F-crystals

Available at Mathematische Nachrichten, 2017

Abstract: In this paper we generalize minimal p‐divisible groups defined by Oort to minimal F‐crystals over algebraically closed fields of positive characteristic. We prove a structural theorem of minimal F‐crystals and give an explicit formula of the Frobenius endomorphism of the basic minimal F‐crystals that are the building blocks of the general minimal F‐crystals. We then use minimal F‐crystals to generalize minimal heights of p‐divisible groups and give an upper bound of the isomorphism numbers of F‐crystals, whose isogeny type are determined by simple F‐isocrystals, in terms of their ranks, Hodge slopes and Newton slopes.

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Recommended citation: Xiao Xiao, Minimal F-crystals and isomorphism numbers of isosimple F-crystals, Mathematische Nachrichten, Volume 290, Issue 8-9, June 2017, Pages 1406-1419